Tennis hopes to turn season around against Lincoln

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Western tennis aims to claim their first victory of the season against Lincoln.

In the 2013 season, the Griffons had no problems with Lincoln, winning 9-0.

Winning two singles and four doubles with Denise Chiao, Lindsay Beger is ready to meet the Blue Tigers again.

“In the past, they haven’t been a concern. Just because we shut them out 9-0 last year, doesn’t mean the same thing will happen again this year. They could be a brand new team, just like we were last year. We just have to go in and focus and play like we know how to play,” Beger said.

Last season, Beger won in the singles match against Lincoln 6-4 and 6-2.

Although the Griffons defeated the Blue Tigers in a blowout, the team is still expecting tough competition.

Alyssa Dougan is also ready for the competition. She has won five singles matches and six doubles, five of them with Kayla Dysart and one with Meara Smith.

“I expect tough competition out of Lincoln, but I do believe that we can beat them as long as we keep our heads in the game. I can’t say that Lincoln will or won’t be a concern for us, because every team is different each match. We hope that Lincoln will be a team we can get a good win off of and start a positive record going into conference,” Dougan said.

With single and double matches aside, the Griffons have an overall record of 0-12. Lincoln’s overall record is currently 0-9.

Despite records, the Griffons are remaining positive for the remainder of the season.

“Despite our losing record and mine, the tennis team has improved in many ways compared to last year. All of us have improved in some way, and I think I have as well. But, there’s still so much room for us as a team to improve. Improvement takes time. I think I have improved a lot this season and my doubles game has gotten better for sure this season,” Chiao said.

Chiao has won one singles match and four doubles matches with Beger so far this season.

“Overall this season, we have played much better, even though our record doesn’t show. We’ve competed 10 times better against schools we didn’t do well against last season. We’re there, we just need to get over the hump and clinch the match,” Beger said.

The Griffons face off against the Lincoln Blue Tigers on Friday, April 11 at 3 p.m. in Jefferson City, Mo.

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