Quite A Season

It has been quite the season for women’s tennis team. The Griffonsjust returned home last weekend from playing teams such as the Blue Tigers from Lincoln University and the Bearcats of Southwest Baptist. Western did take home a great win against the Blue Tigers. This season has showed to be a tough road for Western, finishing with a 1-13 record The Griffons had a great season last year, including beating Lincoln University 9-0. However, even though this season is not quite like the last, it is not necessarily a bad season. There are a few things that Western can be proud of this season, even though the team may not be in a high position in MIAA. One positive light for the players this season has been the double team of Lindsay Berger and Denise Chiao. The duo has been great this season, including a big doubles victory against Lincoln. Alyssa Dougan has won several singles matches this season.  Dougan has won five singles, and she has played like an ace winning six doubles, doing five of the six with teammate Kayla Dysart. Western has faced tough competition this season. However, the tough season did not stop the team’s confidence levels. The Griffons may not be in high standings, however, they have progressed in winning doubles and singles as the season comes to a close. Western, like everyone else, can always improve by polishing their skills. A big part of the team doing better is being positive and playing hard. The positivity of the team has keep the team holding heads high and spirits ready the games. On great note, players Alyssa Dougan, Meara Smith, Kayla Dysart and the rest of the team have said that they are keeping their heads up and their thoughts positive. These are great for the player in a personal record and for the team as an improvement. They may not have the ball in their court of favor, but they know what to do to play better. The team has plenty of talent and can take on any  team in the conference if they just have their head in the game and play great, which is something that I really think that this team can do. They will be a team to reckon with if they can just believe and continue to work hard, while also taking advice from teammates. The tennis team may be due for a great season in individual scores next year.          

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