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Recently I have heard other students and noticed posts on social media about how it is a bad idea to settle down to get married or even have a long term relationship before turning 30. Since I am 23 and engaged, this confuses me as to why or how anyone could say this. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

I have heard that the main reason for not settling down is because at this age we should be living our lives and having fun. Is it really that much fun to go through several relationships in a couple months or for some every week, that don’t really mean anything? If being in a long term relationship is seen as a burden and something that will hold someone back from doing what they want (within reason) then it is not because a relationship is a bad thing, they are just probably the wrong person to be with. Unfortunately, for many in my generation, the fun thing to do is to go out and get drunk and try to pick up a random person to spend the night with, but in the long run, how does it end up?

I feel that most of the people that say we shouldn’t settle in our 20s are the people that have yet to have a serious long lasting relationship, do not take any relationship that seriously in the first place or have had a bad breakup and just don’t care to try to be in another relationship.

I am not trying to say that people should stay in a relationship just to settle down especially if it is not with the right person. I just want to get the message out there that settling down with the absolute right person can be a changing point in someone’s life. For me, every day I get to wake up and just know that I am loved and someone is completely devoted to me as I am to her. Neither of us worry about trusting each other because we just know that we will not do something stupid. Someone may say that I am tied down to my fiancée and that I cannot experience life, but I have to disagree. We have fun together and spend as much time together as possible because the two of us are experiencing the world together and will continue to after we’re married.

This is just my idea of what people should be focusing on instead of just getting laid, but don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to do. Just be happy and live your own life.

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