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The Fall 2014 Homecoming theme has been selected.

“Griffons Around the World” will be the theme that organizations use for Homecoming week this upcoming fall semester.

The theme was narrowed down by a selection board. The top two choices were “Griffons Around the World” and “Blockbusters,” which would feature several of the biggest movies.

Ross Paschall is the event coordinator and Homecoming chair for Phi Delta Theta.

“They agreed on cities because it’s a wide variety of options people could choose from.”

The theme will feature several big-name cities, such as Los Angeles, Paris, London, etc. Each organization will be picking one city to utilize in their themes for the week. As a plan to ensure that no one picks the same city, each organization is to make a list with their top three choices. Then, they will select organization names at random, and they will receive their top pick. Everyone is to have two backup cities to ensure that all organizations receive a city they like.

Reyhan Wilkinson is the Homecoming Committee Chair.

“There’s supposed to pick one specific city, and that’s what we’re asking organizations to do,” Wilkinson said. “Pick their top three and then at info night, we will draw randomly the organization and whoever is first will get their first pick. And we want to have two backup ones when they come in.”

The theme was selected last week and planning has already commenced.

“We do have one event [planned] called The Amazing Race,” Wilkison said. “It’s kind of a scavenger hunt all over campus, just like the show. There’s also a relay race that involves trivia and questions about international cuisine, fashion or just little fun facts.”

Paschall said that, while the fraternity did not have any set plans or ideas yet, they were already  cranking out possibilities for their float.

“A couple ideas I’ve thought of personally for our club would be something big like New York City or Las Vegas,” Paschall said.

April 23 is the next meeting for the Homecoming committee. Paschall said that is when the organizations will learn more about the theme and what will take place during Homecoming week.

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