Free tutoring? Why not?

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People come to college for the opportunity to educate themselves and to learn the necessary skills need for the job market of their choosing.

During the course of their time in college, it is fair to say that almost every student will struggle in at least one class. It is to be expected that college will challenge you, and, when that time comes, there are resources to help those in a time of need.

The Center for Academic Support (CAS) is the resource that every student at Missouri Western should know about and reap the benefits of. Free tutoring is a deal that is NOT too good to be true.

When college students hear or see the word “FREE,” especially when attached to food or a T-shirt, they will flock to the event in herds.  You would have to beat the students with a stick to have any chance at an orderly line, but when it comes to free tutoring, it might as well not even exist.

Although the CAS is technically not free, because the center is funded through the tuition that every students must pay, it is still a privilege that some do not have. Many universities, like Western, have the same tutoring to help out their students, but I would assume that their programs are also not used to its full potential.

Strictly speaking for Western, the tutoring center has a variety of services to offer the students. The main, and obvious, service that is offered is the ability to schedule a meeting time with a student tutor, who has had the course, within a three day period.

All the student in need has to do is either go into the center or go to the website and set up an appointment. Math and English tutors for the beginning classes are always on duty, but if you need a tutor for a specific class, like Elementary Spanish I, you can email the content tutor. If there isn’t a content tutor already selected, the CAS will find a student who not only had that class, but has had the teacher you currently have.

The tutors are expected to check their emails at a daily minimum to ensure that your needs are met!

To put a cherry on the top of this center, they offer study material to every Western student. Every student needs flashcards. The CAS has flash cards. The CAS has so many flash cards in so many colors that they have boxes stacked.

The CAS even has handouts that range from math equations to sheets on writing skills. They will even help you work a graphing calculator, write a resume, cover letter, apply for applications and for non-traditional students, you can bring your child as long as they are over the age of 12.

There is at least one service that the CAS offers that every student on campus could use help with. The only issue now is why do students not use this resource, because now they know just about everything they offer. Now there are no excuses.

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