Editor-in-Chief calls it a night

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My first column as Editor-in-Chief began by saying that I had lost a lot of sleep over The Griffon News.

How naive.

This year, I have seen the sunrise through the windows of the newsroom more than a dozen times. Now, having put the last issue of the year to bed, I’ll sleep like a baby.

Every morning for the year, I’ve woken up as the EIC of The Griffon News. It was a title I wasn’t able to set aside — not even for a night. Being the EIC of the paper has been one of the most difficult undertakings of my life thus far.

It’s no secret — while EIC, The Griffon News has received a fair amount of comments and concerns over our coverage. Typically, the paper has toed the line when it comes to controversial coverage, but this year we have not shied away from covering stories the way we knew they needed to be covered. Without the support and dedication of my editorial staff, I would not have had the courage to pursue unpopular topics.

You may not have agreed with the coverage that we provided, but, instead of folding to the pressure of influential organizations on campus, we have practiced what I preached at the beginning of the semester — serving our readership. It wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t always popular. But I can honestly say, looking back, I’m proud of my staff for having the conviction to take a stand.

Like previous editors, I’m between not wanting to leave, but I’m also ready to move on. After too many sleepless nights, I made the decision to leave the paper in late March. The new editorial staff will do a great job in developing their vision for the paper and expanding on the growth and triumphs of this year.

Having reflected on the past year, I would like to focus on the future of The Griffon News.

Next year, Mika Cummins will be the Editor-in-Chief. Having joined the paper at the same time as Mika, I’ve seen her go from being the little sister of the newsroom to becoming an invaluable member of the news team. Good luck holding down the big chair next year. You’ll be great, kid.

I’m truly anticipating seeing your vision for the paper come to fruition.

Like I said, this has been a challenging year for me, but tonight, as we end our time together as an editorial staff, I could not be prouder of how far we’ve come.


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