Chariot race

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The odds were definitely in favor of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Delta Theta as they took first place in the Greek Week chariot race on Monday, March 31.

Teams stood on the field across from Popplewell Hall beside their Hunger Games themed chariots on Monday, battling the harsh winds. Each sorority was paired up with a fraternity to create a chariot for both looks and speed.

The chariot race included spinning around a baseball bat, a bucket-filling challenge and a slip-n-slide. The course was meant to disorient participants, and sent many of the chariots spiraling out of control.

The windy day provided an unpredicted obstacle during the race. Sigma members pulled out a staple gun for a last-ditch effort at saving their creation from Mother Nature’s windy wrath.

The Sigmas and Phi Delta Thetas teamed up to create a long, blue, wooden chariot, adorned with sea shells and diamonds. The Sigmas represented the fishing district, District Four. Their partners, Phi Delt, represented the luxurious District One. Haylee Gentry sat beside team member Zach Stark on the chariot.

“It was so scary. I just kept thinking ‘I’m going to die,’ but we won first, and, although it was really scary, I would do it again,” Gentry said.

Coming in second was the team of Alpha Sigma Alpha, representing District Seven, the lumber district. They teamed with the District Five power district, represented by Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hayley Tiller and Skyler Adams held the reigns from the back of the chariot, holding on for dear life. Tiller stood with a smile, cheering on her teammates.

“I wasn’t scared. I ride motorcycles, so I was just really excited. The most exciting part was the final stretch and coming across the finish line,” Tiller said. “It was definitely the most fun event of the week. I was honored to be picked because I’m only a freshman, and I would definitely do it again.”

Last to cross the finish line were Alpha Gamma Delta and Phi Sigma Kappa, representing District Twelve and Thirteen, the mining and radioactive districts. They held their heads high after crossing the finishline. Kelsey Guthery and Derek Thompson held on to their chariot as it crossed the line. Phi Sigma Kappa Byron Myers and his teammates cheered and chanted at the end before helping them load up the chariot.

“I was in the bat and sponge race, the t-shirt and the slip-n-slide. The slip-n-slide was definitely my favorite,” Meyers said. “I’m proud of our chariot, it was made for pulling. The chariot race was my favorite event of the Greek Games. I just keep thinking ‘Let’s do this’ as I pulled the chariot.”


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