Student Affairs conducts Max’s Mart survey

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A survey was sent out to all students who live in the residence halls last week regarding the current hours at Max’s Mart, Missouri Western’s convenience store, located in the Commons building.

Students were asked eight questions concerning their opinions about the importance of grab & go items, if they would visit the c-store if it was open earlier in the day and what hours they would like to see added on Saturdays. As of now, Max’s Mart is not open at all on Saturdays.

As stated in the e-mail the poll was sent out in, many students have asked Western to expand the operating hours of Max’s Mart.

Shana Meyer, vice president for student affairs, said Western and the student affairs office sent out the survey in order to best serve the students.

“The bottom line is ‘What do the students want, and is there enough critical mass to warrant the change?’ So, anytime we hear student suggestions, we want to try to act on them, but again, there have to be the numbers,” Meyer said.

She also said that since operating food services is a business model, it’s impossible to keep the business open for just one student who would like to purchase something. It will be necessary for students to show up and make purchases if changes in hours are to continue.

“So, if we get a fantastic response and then the purchases back that response up, then certainly we can make those changes,” Meyer said.

The survey can be found at


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