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By Brooke Anderson

Imagine being able to make music and beats with nothing but the sound of your own voice. When thinking about a cappella, the movie “Pitch Perfect” may come to mind, but here on campus there’s a student led group of a cappella singers known as Western Appeal.

Western Appeal is an a cappella group at Missouri Western that started about two years ago by Jacob Mills and Marybeth Rosenaur. The group is student run only with a faculty advisor. There are roughly 16-20 students involved in Western Appeal.

Gabriel Barton, president of Western Appeal, described his favorite part about being a member of the group.

“I like that it’s different than normal choirs because we do some contemporary music whenever we perform,” Barton said.

Alexa Adams, a member of Western Appeal, believes that the group provides new experiences and opportunities for students.

“It’s a really good learning experience and a good opportunity to collaborate with people you might not have otherwise,” Adams said.

The type of music the group performs often depends on the performance. They perform on many holidays including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even Halloween.

“We usually do a lot of seasonal things like for Christmas we go caroling,” Barton said, “We’ve done things like Valentine’s Day mash-ups, trick-or-treating mash-ups where we mashed up every possible Halloween song into one.”

“In the past, we have done more classic a cappella songs like ‘Lean on Me,’” Adams said.
They also try and include many other genres and songs into their music selections. As the group continues to grow, so does their music.

“Now, we are trying to branch out a little bit,” Adams said. “So we are going to try a country song and a 50’s mash-up.”

Barton also explained that some fairly modern songs also make an appearance in their performances.

“We did ‘Royals’ by Lorde and ‘Paper Planes’ by MIA,” Barton said. “We do a lot of mash-ups, but at the same time we do more popular contemporary music.”

Western Appeal is looking forward to some big performances coming up this spring, including ‘Saint Joe’s Got Talent’ and their Spring Concert.

“We are auditioning for Saint Joe’s Got Talent this week, and later on we’ll be sending out requests for people to go online and vote for us in March to go to finals,” Rosenaur said. “We are also looking to have a Spring concert sometime in April.”

Other performances by the group include community competitions and singing around on campus.

“One of my favorite parts is going around campus and surprising people because we are kind of underground still,” Rosenaur said.

Rosenaur also explained how the auditions process works for any students who are interested in joining.

“We’ve started having auditions about once a semester, but with scheduling we started doing some mid-semester,” Rosenaur said. “If anyone has any questions just contact myself or Gabriel Barton.”

Check out Western Appeals around campus, and contact the group for any further information over scheduling and auditions.

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