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Western tennis hopes that being positive, playing more matches, and being more consistent will help them going into their match against Emporia State.

The Emporia State Hornets have an overall record of 10-3, and are 3-1 in MIAA play.

The Griffons have an overall record of 0-9. They hope that their positive play will help them get over the hump and get their first win of the season.

Sophomore Meara Smith is confident in her team, and doesn’t want them to give up early.

“We just need to keep playing positive, working for every shot and not giving up on points and shots,” Smith said. “We need to show the other team that we can win and not give up.”

The Griffons goal is to play more matches. Throughout their season, they have had many matches that have been postponed and cancelled. Those matches could have been great opportunities for the team to develop.

They have lost a few close matches and their aim is to do anything they can to win those matches. In their previous matches, they lost three separate matches by a score being 4-5. The Griffons lost those to Rockhurst, McPherson College, and Fort Hayes State.

Sophomore Alyssa Dougan thinks their team has been doing well in their attempt to play more matches.

“We have been doing well,” Dougan said. “We are more focused on getting more games individually. We’ve been getting more games than previously like last year, and I think we are in a lot better shape and we have more endurance to last in our matches.”

The Griffons think that if they play more consistently, they may be able to pull out their first win.

“We need to improve on being consistent and keeping the ball into play,” Dougan said.

Sophomore Denise Chiao thinks that they need to be more consistent on their doubles going into their match against Emporia.

“I think we are just trying to get our consistency better, and, especially with doubles, we are always so close with our scores,” Chiao said. “We need our doubles, they are important so we are trying to improve on that a lot.”

Chiao also thinks that they can win their games by closing teams out.

“I think just closing teams out and not holding back especially if we are up,” Chiao said. “Just mentally sticking with it and staying in and not letting our opponents get to us.”

For the Griffons, remaining positive and fighting for matches is now their main goal.

The Hornets of Emporia State look to extend their win streak when they welcome the Griffons to Emporia, Kan. The match is set for Friday, March 28 at 3:00 p.m.

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