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Everyone loves games, and students tried their skills at the new Honors Organization event.

This last Thursday, Feb. 20, the Student Honors Organization hosted an event called Game SHO Night. The event took place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Blum rooms 218 and 219.

The event is brand new to the organization’s calendar and consists of playing games like Family Feud, Minute to Win It, Wheel of Fortune and others.

The event was free to all students, as well as all honors students’ families. The event was the first event for the organization to be opened for nonmembers.

President of the Honors Organization Alex Stearns said that the event was a first for the organization.

Prizes such as baskets of candy were given in a raffle ticket drawing. Attendees won tickets by playing multiple rounds of Griffon Feud (Family Feud), Wheel of Western (Wheel of Fortune) and the Minute to Win It challenges.

Whenever a player won tickets they could then enter them in for one of the five candy basket prizes.

The games were run by members including member Brian Shewell, who helped with the different Minute to Win It game challenges. Over 20 games of Minute to Win It were attempted by students throughout the night.

Treasurer Tom Molloy and president Alex Stearns said that the event was also to help students unwind while playing games from their favorite TV game shows.

Also, the event helped students make new friends and learn a little more about the organization and meet members.

Member Krystal Hicok helped with the Wheel of Western throughout the night. She was one of many members in the organization who helped make the event successful.

One of the Minute to Win It games was every competitor had five apples and the players had to have the tallest stacked apple tower. Another game was who could pull all of the Kleenex tissues out of a box in a minute.

The event was a fun time for students to play games and get away from the stress of college.

The Student Honors Organization hopes to add more events to its calendar along with the Haunted Hall at Vaselakos Hall and various fundraisers. Stearns hopes to have the Game SHO Night in the organization’s calendar annually or every semester.

Stearns encourages students across campus to get involved with the club and attend their events between now and the end of the semester.

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