Junior outfielder contributes big to Western baseball

Trevor LaHonta is a man of many talents, but he enjoys playing baseball the most. Growing up in his hometown of Walnut Creek, Calif., LaHonta was introduced to baseball at the age of four by his dad. LaHonta never quit anything growing up. Instead, he took on as many sports as he could. LaHonta attended Acalanes High School, where he was a two-sport athlete, playing baseball and football. However, baseball wasn't his first choice when he started high school. LaHonta wasn’t sure if he was even going to play baseball, because he wanted to play lacrosse. Luckily for him, his big brother convinced him to play baseball. He started his high school baseball career as a freshman, while playing football in the fall. From his freshman year to his junior year, he started infield on his high school baseball team. As a junior, he played football as defensive end. For his senior year, he finished up playing baseball, but this time in the outfield. It’s safe to say LaHonta is quite the athlete. Even though LaHonta is a talented baseball player, he also has dreams of becoming a professional skier. LaHonta started his college career at Spokane Falls Community College. After two seasons, he decided to take his talents to Missouri Western. “Missouri Western gave me the opportunity to play," LaHonta said. "I like the facilities and that they had my major.” This season LaHonta has 10 RBIs, 33 hits and one home run . LaHonta leads Western in several statistics, including hits and doubles. LaHonta's passion for baseball is quite simple. “Winning is what motivates me; that's why I play to win,” LaHonta said. Infielder Cody Childs, who is a good friend of LaHonta, knows exactly what his teammate is capable of doing. Childs and LaHonta have not known each other that long, but in the time they have spent together, it’s hard to tell. “Trevor is not only a great player, but a solid competitor," Childs said. "He always wants to win and will do anything he can to help the team do so.” Childs not only notices LaHonta's drive, but his playing ability, as well. “Trevor is fast and can swing the ball very well. He has proven to be an excellent lead off hitting and right fielder,” Childs said. However, the things that his teammates always see is his competitiveness. "His competitive mentality is something that helps the team strive to get better each and every day,” Childs said. Being a part of a team will usually brings people together, sometime without any warning. Outfielder Hunter Weiss, another teammate of LaHonta, is also aware of LaHonta's talent and what he can do on and off the field. “Trevor and I met each other this year, but we played in the same region back at home,” Weiss said. “Trevor brings a table sitting approach to our team. Using his speed and base running skills so he can get on and steal bases.” It's apparent that LaHonta is a big hit with his teammates. “I like having Trevor on the team, because he’s funny yet focused, but is an intense competitor when it comes down to it,” Weiss said. LaHonta knows what it takes to become great and is striving to do so, but for right now his main focus is on the team. “I just focus on baseball and helping my team win for right now,” LaHonta said. LaHonta and the Griffons will be headed to Kearney, Neb. this weekend for a series against the Nebraska-Kearney Lopers.

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