Hager, O’Neill heirs apparent to SGA throne

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Only one applicant for both Student Government Association president and vice president emerged after the February 14 deadline for applications.

These applicants were Daniel Hager for SGA president, and Tyler O’Neill for SGA vice president.

There is still a possibility for a write-in candidate, but because no other applicants filed this year, there is no express need for a traditional campaign from Hager and O’Neill.

Although there will be no competition or campaign for the offices, Hager has expressed that the pair will still be campaigning in another form.

“Since we do not have the competition, debate or election to make our names known, we will still be working extremely hard to make our names and faces recognizable throughout campus, and to help get students involved with the student government,”  Hager said.

O’Neill also believes that there is a positive and negative side to not having a traditional campaign.

“With a campaign, we can gather ideas from who we would be running against, but this also gives us a lot of time to develop plans and ideas of our own,” O’Neill said.

Hager and O’Neill are already making plans for their administration.

“We want to make the students and senators understand what kind of power they have through SGA, and we want them to know how to take an idea and make it a reality on campus,” Hager said.

Other changes mentioned by the future president and vice president were biweekly meetings. The meeting would focus on the committees and allow the senate to operate more efficiently.

Hager also mentioned that he and O’Neill had plans for changes around campus. Although Hager did not want to reveal much, he did give a general idea for a couple proposals.

“We have had a lot of discussions about expansions to areas on campus, as well as fixing lighting issues that are a problem at night,” Hager said.

Both of the candidates are very excited for the opportunity to be the head of such a high-profile campus organization.

“It is pretty awesome to be in this position because Daniel and I have known each other for a long time, we are very compatible and we will easily be able to create plans,” O’Neill said.

Current SGA Vice President Dillon Williams has stressed that whoever is elected as the president and vice president needs to be prepared to devote a lot of time and effort to the student body.

“Every decision that is made as an executive member should be made with the intention of benefitting the students on this campus,” Williams said, “That intent should be the motivator for everything that a president and vice president attempts to do.”

The newly-elected SGA office-holders will be sworn into office in April.

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