WAC to charge students for Spring Concert tickets

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In an executive board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11, Western Activities Council made the decision to charge students for the Spring Concert.

Tony Dougherty, WAC’s vice president, said the decision was made to ensure the quality of future concerts and student turnout.

“It will kind of even out to where we will have a bigger Spring Concert each year, because we are really excited about who the artist is this year,” Dougherty said.

There will be 200 free tickets given away on Tuesday, Feb. 18, and then students will be charged $5. Along with providing well-known artists for next year’s concert, Dougherty said that charging students will increase overall turnout.

The Spring Concert is paid for out of WAC’s operating budget, which is funded by the Student Government Association.

Both SGA President Katy Sisco and SGA Executive Vice President Dillon Williams were not in attendance at the meeting that resulted in the decision. While WAC is a division of SGA, Dougherty explained that WAC has the authority to make the decision.

“I was told they (WAC) can, because Shana (Meyer) and Isaiah (Collier) were both in the meeting,” Dougherty said.

Despite charging students, Dougherty is optimistic that students will pay to attend the Spring Concert.

“I hope students will understand, so that we can continue to provide them good programing,” Dougherty said.

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