TV proposal draws static

By Staff

February 24, 2014

Student Government proposed $4,500 on Monday, Feb. 10, for new televisions in the food court.

This was proposed during the first meeting of SGA week, which featured free food, an open gallery and, of course, insight on multiple topics that are important to students and the campus.

Of those topics was the proposal for three 42 inch flat-screen televisions in the food court. These would replace the old “bubble” televisions that are currently in the food court. They also feature

an access panel that controls all three televisions.

Senator Lionel Attawia supports the idea, and believes that the new televisions will attract more students to the food court.

“Since the food court is a more restaurant-styled eating area, which is more relaxed than the lively dining hall, the televisions will make the food court more enjoyable and attractive for the students,” Attawia said.

The proposed $4,500 may seem like a large amount of money for the televisions, but SGA currently has currently budgeted $40,000 for special projects this academic year. Although some of that money has been spent, the need for the new televisions is recognized throughout the SGA, including Vice President Dillon Williams.

“The food court could definitely use the televisions, considering the ones currently being used have really low resolution and the remotes are missing, assuming they are even still there,” Williams said. “Also, with the panel controlling all three televisions, they eliminate students standing on chairs to change the channel, which, in a way, the televisions are even making the food court safer.”

Although the televisions may not be the most important improvement made to campus, SGA still believes that spending the money and time on the televisions is a good idea.

“With a large amount still left in the fiscal budget, the televisions are well worth the cost, and the students will be more than happy for the updates,” Attawia said.

Senator Tyler O’Neill has stressed that the televisions are a great update despite the cost.

“These televisions will help update campus because of their professional look,” O’Neill said.

The concern was raised that the televisions should be put in the Blum Student Union’s lobby, but the consensus was reached that there is not enough activity in the lobby to justify $4,500 for three televisions.

There was talk of purchasing cheaper televisions, but when it was shown that the more expensive televisions still fit in the budget, talk of the cheaper televisions passed.

For now the television proposal has only been discussed by the SGA, but not formally passed. Since campus was closed on Monday, Feb. 17, there was no senate meeting, so the proposal could be approved as soon as Monday, Feb. 24.