Super Bowl Watch Parties

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By: Brooke Anderson

It’s the biggest television event in the U.S., and organizations across campus hosted several watch parties in order to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII.

Regina Hatfield, resident assistant for Scanlon Hall, described a watch party she put on for her residents. Hatfield mentioned throwing a watch party last year for the Super Bowl, and said her residents loved it so much that she decided to plan one again.

Hatfield’s watch party included a game that she created to get students involved. The game included taking polls on what each student thought the ending score of the game would be.

“The winner gets a prize of something like candy bars or other treats,” Hatfield said.

The party took place in the lobby of Scanlon Hall.

“It provides a positive environment for the residences,” Hatfield said.

Another watch party took place at the Baptist Student Union. Amber Stice, an active member in BSU, said the party would consist of all BSU members, about 25-30 students on campus.

The party consisted of a flat screen TV, delicious food and a game the students created called “Scum.”

“BSU is an encouragement through college,“ Stice said.

The party was organized and hosted by their pastor, but all BSU students were involved. Stice encourages other students to check out BSU on campus.

“BSU is the place where I met many of my best friends,” Stice said.

The Student Navigators threw a watch party for all the students involved in Navigators. Navigator Elizabeth Bertram described the party as a get-together of around 25 students.

The party started just in time for the Super Bowl. Although they didn’t have any planned games, all of the students got involved by making and brining a dessert of their choice. The party was held at their Pastor’s house, and pizza was provided for all the students.

“I was most looking forward to being with my friends while watching the game,” Bertram said.

Both Stice and Bertram admitted to rooting for Seattle over Denver, and were surrounded by their friends on campus as they watched the Seahawks score time and time again..

In the end, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, 43-8.

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