Softball look to steal first this season

By Mason Marshall

February 7, 2014

Last season, the Western softball team had an amazing season, with an overall record of 38-16, finishing in third place in the MIAA.

An even more amazing feat is that their overall conference record was 20-8.

So with the season just about to start up, the Griffons should be looking at a great new season with confidence, right?

While this is occasionally true, one of the downsides of being a team of the Midwest is that lovely weather.

Last season, there were a total of 16 cancelled games due to poor weather conditions.

These cancelled games could have been wins, but they could have also been losses, which would have completely changed how their season went.

Western has also lost some of the great players that contributed to the incredible season they had last spring.

Maegan Roemmich, finished her senior season strong when she led the team in batting average, slugging percentage, on-base percentage and hits.

And while some of the other seniors, such as Keri Lorbert, who also led in some statistics last season, are now gone, some of the team’s great players are returning.

Jackie Bishop is a prime example. She led the team last season in batters struck out with a total of 219.

Michelle Stevenson, who led the season in triples and was second in batting average, is also a part of the returning roster.

But, while all these great players and statistics are amazing, those things don’t make a team. Hard work and determination make a team, and the Griffons simply proved to have that last year.

It also helps to have a great, experienced coach like Jen Bagley leading the team.

Bagley has been with the Griffons for 12 seasons. She has an overall record of 415-257, and has coached 57 All-MIAA selections.

Overall, I feel this season is going to be another great one for the team. They proved last spring that hard work really does pay off.

It usually takes a while for a team to change completely, and only four players left the Griffons after last season.

For a team to change for the worst, it requires a horrible new coaching staff or for players to turn on each other and distrust one another.

But the Griffons have a great coaching staff, and it takes a lot of teamwork to achieve a 38-16 season.

The team has also added eight new players this year, further expanding the possibilities for improvement.

So, the team is obviously doing things right, and I think with the help of coach Bagley, this season is going to be an outstanding one.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Griffons make it to the top in the MIAA.