Snow day called before first flakes fall

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The first snow day of the new year was called before a single snowflake hit the ground.

Monday, Feb. 3 a Griffon Alert message was sent to students. Classes were canceled the following day, and delayed until 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

This was the first snow day the Missouri Western administration has declared; Cale Fessler, the vice president of financial planning and administration, said the decision was made based on information from the National Weather Service.

While the snow day was declared before precipitation started accumulating, the process seems to be a preventive strike instead of making the call after students would arrive on campus.

“I think we made the right recommendation to the President. I think the decision was the right one,” Fessler said.

Last year a snow day was announced after 8 a.m. and students took to Facebook to air out their frustration with Western administration’s decision.

Fessler said that calling the snow day wasn’t a direct response to the criticism last year, he said last year’s experiences helped the administration make the decision to close school Tuesday.

Future snowstorms will be assessed individually, but Fessler said that student safety is the top priority.

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