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Any team that faces Missouri Western, especially at home, should prepare for some Max’s Maniacs rowdiness.

The Max’s Maniacs are Western fans that are not afraid to let the other teams know how they feel.

“Max’s Maniacs is for all who live and breathe black and gold, and are prepared to get rowdy at the games to help our team,” senior Alex Atkinson said.

Atkinson has been a member of the group since they were re-established last year.

“They fell off my freshman year, so Kurt McGuffin and Brett Esely made a big push to get them started up again,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson also added that most of the guys in his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, enjoy a big crowd at games, and understand the impact an energetic fan base like Max’s Maniacs can have on a game.

“We also have a good relationship with many of the basketball players, so we felt it was only right to go give them a real college basketball game atmosphere,” Atkinson said. “Once we started going to the games and cheering, Brett Esely came to us and asked us to help start up the Max’s Maniacs again, which we were more than happy to do.”

It also doesn’t take a lot to become part of the Max’s Maniacs. According to Atkinson, they are not a Registered Student Organization, and it’s just about “joining the group and going crazy.”

Max’s Maniacs is all about having fun and supporting the Griffons. There are no meetings; all they do is plan ahead for the games and get rowdy. Trent Pickett has just joined the Max’s Maniacs this year and looks to continue to be part of the group.

“It’s really fun because you just get into the games, and the more you get into it, the better it gets,” Pickett said.

Phill Sharples is also a new Max Maniac, but definitely puts his heart and soul into the group.

“It’s been a great time being a Max Maniac. For the loudest crowd, we definitely have a W every week,” Sharples said. “You get to participate in school spirit, you get to have a lot of love and heart for this school and you get to be the loudest fan, saying some borderline rude things to get the other team to miss shots.”

Sharples also added that they have never gotten into trouble for being too rowdy, and try to keep things respectable and not cross any lines.

“It has been a great experience. Everyone loves being a part of the group once you come to a game with us.  The atmosphere makes the game better for you, and better for the athletes as well,” Atkinson said.

The next home game for Griffon basketball is Saturday, Feb. 22, and you can bet that the Max’s Maniacs will be there to get rowdy.

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