Chinese New Year

By Daniel Cobb

February 7, 2014

Nearly every culture has a different holiday that brings friends and family together to celebrate with food and music. For the Asian community, the Chinese New Year is this holiday, and quite a few griffons were able to take part in the festivities at Missouri Western.

In Blum, members from every walk of life, major and ethnic background got together for a traditional Chinese New Year celebration which provided food and entertainment to ring in the Year of the Horse.
Student Jessie Riley took part in the festivities

“Everyone coming together to learn about Chinese culture was really awesome,” Riley said. “It didn’t matter where you came from, it felt like just one big family.”

The Chinese New Year is known as a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate the passing of another lunar year.

Another large part of the Chinese New Year celebration, and arguably every holiday, is the food. There are many different traditional dishes that are made during this time of the year that have become a staple of the New Year celebration.

These foods range from bean paste buns, dumplings, sticky rice cakes and more. All of the foods hold specific meaning to the ones partaking, and are said to give good luck. One of the students that enjoyed some of the traditional Chinese cuisine provided at the event was Kelsey Trueblood.

“I was really surprised by how good the food was,” Trueblood said. “It’s definitely not what you would think of when you think of Chinese food, but it’s neat to see their traditions compared to how we celebrate in America.”

The Chinese New Year celebration included dancing, singing, the telling of traditional stories and sharing traditions in general. Some traditions and tips, like how you should clean your house thoroughly during New Years as it sweeps away all of the bad luck, were shared during the celebration.

One of the singers that night was Kris Brown. This was Brown’s first Chinese New Year, and his first semester in Chinese class.

“I actually liked it a lot,” said Brown. “Seeing how they celebrate their New Year was something new and fun.”

So whether you’re looking for something new or just something to do, be sure to check out the next New Year celebration which takes place on February 19, 2015.