WiiFit U Meter


While pedometers might seem like a thing of the past, Nintendo has put a fresh spin on a fitness classic.

The Wii Fit Meter is an accessory for the Wii U. As a pedometer, it tracks the steps you take during the day, and records them within your profile in Wii Fit U. Wii Fit U is more of what you’ve come to expect from the Wii Fit family while adding some necessary additions, such as more games, exercises, usage of the gamepad and Miiverse integration.

The game itself is available as a free 30-day trial download, with the caveat that you need a Wii Fit Meter. The Wii Fit Meter only costs $20, as opposed to the $60 you’ll have to pay when the physical copy comes out. This would be a good deal, but Nintendo has made finding a meter near impossible. After two months of searching, I finally opted to buy mine online. If you’ve played either Pokemon Heartgold or Soulsilver, you’ll be well acquainted with the meter; it’s identical to the Pokemeter, the only difference is a new paintjob.

The features within it are much more impressive than the standard pedometer. Not only does it track steps, but it also tracks your altitude, tells you how many calories you’ve lost and even tells you the temperature. The process to setting it up is painless–you sync it to your profile and your Mii data is sent to the meter. From then on, every time you load your game you’ll be prompted to sync your data, which can be used in a mini-game that compares your distance walked in real life to big cities like Chicago.

While it’ll be interesting to compare how much I walk around to the city of Chicago, I would prefer to use the steps in more active mini games. Not only would this feature reinforce the active lifestyle Wii Fit promotes, it would extend the use of the meter.

The pedometer itself seems surprisingly accurate, except for the temperature gauge, which seems to be anywhere within 5-8 degrees different from other meters in the same room. The meter is a great way to upgrade users of the original Wii Fit by providing a cheap alternative to upgrade to the software. However, I doubt the meter itself will get much use in six month’s time. If you can find this in stores and already have access to a Balance Board, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take the leap and upgrade. The added features in Wii Fit U are well worth the $20 outlay.

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