Pride is not a sin


This school has a serious problem with it’s school pride.

Go to any other university. There is a mass amount of pride not only within the campus but surrounding the town as well.

Obviously this school can’t compete with a lot of those universities because of the difference in size, but the pride in this school is just sad.

This doesn’t just fall into the category of current students. Even some of the alumni of this school don’t have any pride. You go and ask someone who went to Northwest about his or her alma mater and they will respond “Northwest Missouri State” with much exuberance and pride.

Ask one of our graduates, they will most likely respond with “Oh, I went to Missouri Western… it’s whatever.”

Seriously, we know that we may not have the biggest buildings or the longest list of successors, but this is basically your new upbringing. People take pride in where they grew up or the state they come from, why not the college that paved the way for their careers?

Yes, a lot of people aren’t prideful because they only go to Western because it is either close or cheap. Not a lot of people chose Western is was “the best in the land.”  There are still wonderful professors and people at this university that go out of their way to make our experience at Western the best possible. Do we get what we may get at a top-tier state school? No, but it’s still something to be grateful for.

Of course, there are the current students as well. It seems that every day there is somebody who is complaining about how “lame” or “crappy” Western is. If you really are unsatisfied with your experience, then why go here?

The truth is you aren’t that unsatisfied. You just like to complain.

Western students tend to have a “what have you done for me, lately?” attitude. A perfect example of this is last week’s football game against Emporia State. The student section of the seats was barely occupied. Earlier in the season, this section is usually packed, but because the team lost the week before, everyone decided they didn’t care anymore.

Fun fact: pride isn’t conditional.

Staying with the sports aspect, last year our baseball team had a stellar season, and no one talked about it. They had the most wins in school history (40), they were MIAA champions and won the MIAA pitcher, player and coach of the year.  They even had two players taken in the draft, by the Indians and Cardinals.

Of course, baseball isn’t as popular as football, but this is a huge accomplishment that nobody cared about.

Another example of the pride in Western is the surrounding town of St. Joseph. Honestly, how many Missouri Western or “Go Griffs” signs do you see hanging outside of people’s houses or restaurants? We bet you can count on one hand.

The only time both the town and the university were a part of the same entity was during the football teams run last year, but that fraudulent pride faded as soon as the season ended.

If Western and St. Joseph worked together, they really could be a strong force and make this a livelier town. The issue is that for that to happen, you people have care, but you clearly don’t.

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