Guest Column: Library director outlines services

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As Library Director, I was very pleased when Griffon News staff contacted me for information on e-books.  An article was subsequently published in the October 10, 2013 issue, page two.  Unfortunately, there were several serious misstatements which I would like to correct:


  • The article headline insinuates that e-books are new to MWSU.  While a large consortium collection of e-books is new for us, the format of the electronic book is not.  We have added e-books to our holdings for a number of years.
  • The article indicated that students would no longer need to use MOBIUS.  That is entirely untrue.  MOBIUS will remain the online catalog for all library resources available locally and from other Missouri libraries via interlibrary lending.
  • The article stated that the library loans Kindles and iPads.  While we do have one Kindle that circulates, we have no circulating iPads.  We do have sixteen laptops for loan.
  • The student who was interviewed merely gave an example of one instance where there were three choices for print books when doing a subject search, and e-books expanded that number greatly.  Any given subject search could yield many different totals for print and e-books, not just three choices.


We are proud that the library is a member of the MOBIUS consortium, which is the first consortium partner with the e-book vendor, EBSCO.  Reference librarians are here most of the hours the library is open to help students to discover e-books and any other information needs they may have.  Please do not hesitate to ask for their assistance.


Julia Schneider

Library Director

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