CME searches for coordinator

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A new beginning is in store for the Center for Multicultural Education as they search for a new coordinator.

Making a positive impact, helping students and introducing diversity are just a few of the duties that the new coordinator for the CME’s duties will be according to Isaiah Collier, the assistant dean of student development.

The coordinator’s duties will also include: coming up with new programs for the CME and bringing awareness for minorities on campus.

“We are looking for somebody who is relatable to students,” said Collier. “This person will have to facilitate workshops for multicultural diversity.”

The mission of the CME as stated on the Missouri Western webpage is “to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in the areas of multicultural exploration, sensitivity, empathy and competency for students, faculty and staff of Missouri Western State University. We will work diligently to provide leadership and support in the area of diversity and building cross-cultural connections within the campus and St. Joseph community through workshops, programs, training and dialogue.”

The new coordinator, once hired, will directly advise several multicultural activities such as the upcoming Tunnel of Oppression event on that will be going on from Nov. 5-8.

“The job is posted now but on Oct. 31 we will begin  to search (for a coordinator),” said Collier.

Collier said that the job will be posted on several higher education webpages, and from there, the school will find candidates who fit the needs of the CME.

Tobias Pointer, a junior and a student assistant in the CME, said that the CME helps bring awareness to the minorities on campus and that the new coordinator will bring the diversity affect to campus.

“Hopefully everyone enjoys the new program coordinator,” said Pointer. “I hope she or he will bring a lot of fresh air to the campus.”

Pointer said that the student assistants help set things up and plan events for the CME by finding out what will affect the students on campus the most positively and sitting down and discussing it.

The coordinator will speak with the students to come up with different programs that will benefit the students in a positive manner.

The goal of the CME is to enhance the student, faculty and staff’s understanding and appreciation of peoples, traditions and cultures, while promoting academic inquiry and self-reflection as stated in the vision of the CME.

“We can all benefit from each other (in the CME),” said Pointer.

According to the MWSU webpage, “the Center for Multicultural Education envisions a campus that is dynamic, challenging and welcoming to its diverse constituents.”

Those working in the CME hope that the new coordinator will share in that vision at Western.

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