Broken after the break

By Staff

January 6, 2014

Ask any graduate what they miss about college. It’s not the partying or meeting new people.

It’s the breaks.

Breaks are pretty refreshing and stress relieving. However, they make going back to school pretty difficult.

After our fall break, we only have a week of classes left before finals. When any of us come back from break, we are still in that “break mode.” There’s just no motivation amongst students.

Are we suggesting that should totally get rid of it? God no. It’s amazing.

Are we blaming the administration for giving us tests that soon after a break? Not at all. That’s just how the calendar works. It is what it is.

What we are saying is that we as students just got to power through this. We realize that there isn’t much motivation and that we just want this semester to be over already, but we’re at the finish line, and you don’t jog on the final lap.

This final week is all about time management. We also can’t benefit from over-working ourselves with preparing for finals that we just crash when it’s all over with. We still need to be sane during this process.

So during this final week, plan your days out. Dedicate certain days and certain hours to just going over materials and working on projects, but be sure to have your “me time.”

Also, stay off your phones and social networking. We are so focused on these things now days that we forget to focus on making ourselves happy with just some simple alone time. Just a good hour of resting can be beneficial to your entire week.

Grades are important here, but they are not worth any psychological or physical exhaustion. Breaks can take a toll, but with the right attitude and hard work, we can get through these next two weeks without breaking a sweat.