Flooded with problems

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I love this school. I really do.

Here’s a fact, though: it’s a joke.

Now bare in mind that I am not referring to anything that has to do with academic. I love all of my professors and several of the professors that I took classes with for my electives and general education classes.

I have not been slighted with my education one bit.

Everything else, though? It’s pathetic.

There are lots of things at this school that fall under pathetic, trust me. It’s not just the administration. In fast, I’m not even going to focus on them because everyone has been frustrated with the administration at some point, so there is nothing new to state about that.

There are several examples of how this school suffers, but I am going to just focus on one. It’s dedication to improve the student’s experience.

I have lived on campus for several semesters, including 4 semesters in Griffon Hall. I am officially done with it and it’s because the school has no concern in improving the actual issues.

They renovated the suites this past summer, but all they did was do some repainting and minor improvements. They didn’t fix any of the issues that were legitimately troublesome for students.

This past summer, I started living in my current room at Griffon and I experienced several floods in my room. I am not talking about some minor leaks; I mean massive floods on my floor that soaked the carpet.

Since then, I have been flooded FIVE more times. Five. If that isn’t pathetic, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the kicker. When I went to tell both the residential staff and the maintenance employees, their reaction was “Oh okay. We’ll take a look at it.”

Are you freaking kidding me? No freak out? No shocker? There’s something wrong here.

See, if I lived at an apartment (have many times) and I told my landlord that my place got flooded, I guarantee that their reaction would be “Oh my God, what?! Okay, we need to take care of that now!”

There is no sense of urgency to improving the students way of living. Oh, and get this. I found out what the issue with the room was. At the bottom of the wall where the flood was coming from, just underneath the carpet, there is a small crack and the water gets in through there when it rains profusely.

So now we have an obvious solution to the problem. You seal that crack. I told the maintenance staff what the issue was and they said “Oh okay, we’ll have to fix that when the rain dries.” Hello? Are you there? Because I don’t see any cracks being sealed. Oh right, I forgot. You don’t care. Sorry, my fault. I know, how stupid of me to think that you gave a damn.

All I want to say is that when I graduate from this place, I will be proud of it. I really will. I love my professors and the people I met here. I am grateful for them. I love our baseball team and the effort they put out on the field… but everything else? They were useless and did nothing but made it a burden to be at this university.

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