Video board adds advertising dimension; attracts attention

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The athletic department decided to purchase a flash video board that will display events happening around campus.

The video board sits on the side of the GISC and can be seen when passing through campus, and on the highway. Director of Public Relations Mallory Murray’s job is to approve what goes on the video board. Murray said that, although athletic events will be the main display, other events would have the opportunity to be advertised.

“My role is to approve the non-athletic items that we would advertise,” Murray said. “Much like I approve the banners that are on the homepage of the website. “

Once everything is approved, Murray can move on to the design aspect of the display.

“If someone has a campus event, they e-mail me,” Murray said. “If it is approved, I will coordinate the design and work with Ryan Menley to put that up on the board.”

Murray noted that the video board added another dimension to the marketing program on campus. Not only will students on campus see it, but people traveling on the road would also be able to view it.

“We think that it is a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to advertise events happening on campus,” Murray said. “It really increases awareness of all the wonderful things happening around us.”

Anything displayed would have to be an official Missouri Western event.

“Beyond that, it would really come down to what other things we have going on that week,” Murray said. “If we have a slow week, than pretty much anything can be approved. “

The appeal of the event will also come into play when deciding what to put on the board.

“If there is a week were there is over 50 requests, then we would have to figure out which one had the widest appeal to the largest number of people.”

Ryan Menley will be in charge of any sports related events displayed on the video board. Menley is the director of athletic communications.

“My role is to use some of the content that we use online to post up there,” Menley said. “[It] was a decision made by the athletic department to purchase it.”

Menley also believes that the video board is a good way to advertise things around the area.

“More eyes on the product,” Menley said. “I know the strategic reason to put that where it is, is so it can be visible on the highway. It’s almost like a spotlight on our athletics, or our University itself.”

Steven L. Craig was also involved with getting the board up on the GISC.

“It’s from Steven Craig’s company,” Menley said. “He is the gentleman that has the Craig School of Business and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. He wanted to give it to us for another spotlight at Missouri Western.”

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