Fall Choral Concert

By Jason Ruckman

December 9, 2013

This past Wednesday Missouri Western held its Fall Choral Concert in Fulkerson Center.
The concert consisted of 57 personnel who performed in front a packed house; so full in fact that several more benches were brought in for additional seating. Ara Ju, an adjunct faculty member here at Missouri Western, who played the piano for the concert.
As audience members were filing in some of the Choir singers stood out front singing Christmas songs fitting for the cold night.
Dr. Roger Hale directed both the Renaissance Singers and the MWSU Chorale. Hale has been with Missouri Western since 2009. Among his other duties here at Western are preparing and directing the Chamber Singers and also the Women’s University Chorus, which is a new element to our university.
The concert began with only a handful of singers for the Renaissance section. Opening with Dindinrin, dindirindana, and closing their segment with John Bennett’s All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded. The group then left the stage to rejoin with the rest of the choir for the second half of the performance.
Halfway through Morgan Breckenridge, a graduating senior stepped down from the singers to direct them in Ralph William’s Linden Lea.
For the song Of Crows and Clusters Director Hale paused to first read the humorous lines to the audience. The show then continued on and ended with The Impossible Dream. As the singers, pianist, and directors took a bow they were met by a lasting standing ovation.
Hale took time out of the concert to shine light on the graduating students amidst the singers and tell some about their upcoming plans.