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Two parts make a whole: Western standout starts new season without twin brother

Everyone at one point in their life has said, “I wish I had a twin.”

It’s the perfect scenario, especially when they look exactly like you.

Cortrez and Cortrael Colbert are living that dream.

The two brothers, commonly known as Trez and Trael, are identical twins. Trez is a transfer player for Western this year coming from Northern Oklahoma University. Trael, who is a year behind in eligibility due to a redshirt, is still playing at NOC.

The twin brothers have been playing basketball since they were four-years old. The Spencer, Okla. natives grew up playing the sport that their mom, Cynthia, had played in college.

“We are competitive, but not too competitive,” Trael said. “When were were little, our parents used to make us stop playing one-on-one basketball because we used to fight every time.”

In their senior season at Midwest City HS, Trez was named a First Team All-State Selection and the two took their team to the state title game.

Trez and Trael spent their first year of college playing for the University of Central Oklahoma. Trez went on to make 35 of 101 shots and 9 of 32 three-pointers. Trael would redshirt.

They then traveled to NOC where the two were once again playing on the court together. Trez averaged 11 points and three rebounds per game.

“When they first came to [NOC], it took me about a week to be able to tell them a part. They do look alike and sound alike,” head coach Brett Weiberg said. “Both of those young men are good players and both of those young men are good people. They’re hard workers. They are hard-headed, like twins are sometimes. But they’re good young men, and I thoroughly enjoyed being around those guys.”

The head coach for NOC, Brett Weiberg, decided to take his coaching talents to Western for the following season to replace Tom Smith as head coach for the Men’s team. Trez followed him here to continue to play for Weiberg. Unfortunately, Trael was unable to come because of restrictions on scholarship money.

“You only have a certain amount of scholarships. So, we had to decide how we wanted to disburse that scholarship money out,” Weiberg said. “[Trael] is a good player, and I think we’ll try to recruit him for next year.”

Trael said he would love to play with his brother again, but it is no guarantee that he will be a Griffon next season.

“I might come to Missouri Western, but it’s not a 100% decision that I will,” Trael said. “All of my recruiting options are opened, but I guess I have to go where God takes me.”

Trez is a talented player with a lot to offer. At 6”2’ and 180 pounds, this junior guard could make a big difference on the fresh-faced Western team.

“As a Griffon, I’m just trying to get better everyday. We just want to win,” Trez said.

In his first two games as a Griffon, Trez has done nothing but show his talent.

Western headed to Sioux Falls, S.D. to play in the Sanford Pentagon Basketball Showcase.

He hit the two game-winning free throws to give Western their 65-64 victory over Augustana College. Trez had two steals, three assists and four rebounds in the contest to match his 14 points.

In the next game, however, Western fell short of Northern State in the 87-78 loss. Trez managed two steals, two blocks, three assists and five rebounds. He also scored 16 points, which helped Western to cut away at NSU’s lead.

Weiberg knows the talent that Trez has, and believes that he can only get better from here.

“Trez is a good player, and [playing in the MIAA] will be an adjustment for him,” Weiberg said. “But I think he will make the adjustment. I think he will find success, sooner rather than later.”

But, for two parts of a whole, two parts that have never been apart, the separation for them is one of the hardest things about this season.

“It’s a big adjustment playing on a different team and in a different state, but I know at the end of the day he is good and he knows I’m good,” Trez said. “After each game we play, we call each other to let one another know how we did. We give each other tips before each game.”

Trez’s next test as a Griffon will be on Friday, Nov. 15 when Western welcomes the Cardinals of William Jewell. Game time is set for 8 p.m.

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