Volleyball team playing as a unit

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The volleyball team has played their hearts out so far this year, despite dealing with some changes and adversity at start off the season

Western started out 2-2 at the Pittsburg State University tournament.

With Stephanie Hattey made the wise decision to choose career over hobby, the team stumbled through some roadblocks on their next four games.

Hattey was the battle-tested veteran on a team that seemed to be evolved around her.

When a team faces challenges like the Griffons have early on, typically they are going to go through some growing pains.

The way that the ladies have responded speaks to how inspiring they have been playing as of late.

After dropping four games straight, Western has went 4-4 in the last eight games and that’s not the impressive part of it all.

The majority of their wins have come from conference play. They are 4-3 in the MIAA thus far, which keeps them in contention to make the tournament in November.

First year head coach Marian Carbin has done a great job of keeping the ladies ready for competition every week.

They have survived a brutal September and should be a solid contender moving forward.

Even with the departure of Hattey, this is still a well-rounded roster full of talent and capable of finishing over .500.

Last year’s freshman standout Jessie Thorup showed promise last year and she has not disappointed in her sophomore year.

Thorup had a team high 21 kills, including a dig, against Fort Hays State Sept. 24. The Griffons picked up a win that seemed to be the kick-starter for the rest of the year.

What stands out the most about the volleyball team is their unity. The ladies have managed to stick together, even with some minor changes to the roster.

The veterans on the team have stayed resilient and the team is headed in the right direction.

My advice for the ladies is simple: continue to stick together as a family and good things will happen.

Don’t believe me; just take a look at the football team. There are at least 80 of those guys out there and you rarely see them without another teammate.

The volleyball team has developed that same sense of family around each other now and that should have a huge impact in the future.

If the volleyball team continues to work as a unit, then Griffons could have a chance at the MIAA tournament.

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