Griffons escape from Central Oklahoma 63-30

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For the second time this season, the Griffons outscored their opponent with 63 points in impressive fashion.

Haymakers where thrown early by both Western and the Bronchos, with Central Oklahoma ultimately scoring on their first drive.

Quarterback Adrian Nelson drove his team down the field and was able to cap it off on a one-yard touchdown run.

The Bronchos defense was able to stop Western on their first two drives, but the rushing attack of the Griffons started to come alive.

Running back Raphael Spencer broke for a 48-yard run that would set up an easy two-yard rush touchdown for quarterback Travis Partridge with 7:39 left in the first quarter.

With the momentum in their favor, Western made a stop on defense and the offense were able to put together another rush-heavy drive.

Running back Dalton Krysa got involved in the action and he plowed his way down the field.

Krysa scored on a 13-yard rush and the Griffons went up 14-7 early.

Both teams defense looked shaky in the beginning, with both allowing big chunks of yards on the ground resulting in points.

The Bronchos were able to tie the game after Nelson orchestrated another drive down the field, in which he capped it off with a seven-yard touchdown run.

Fireworks would only continue to fly when Partridge was able to connect with four different receivers. The drive was finished off with an 11-yard touchdown run from Spencer.

A combined 35 points were scored in the first quarter alone. The second quarter was owned by Spencer.

He chipped away at the Bronchos defense and was able to move the ball down the field.

Spencer had a career day for the Griffons, as he was able to pick up a career high 221 rushing yards along with a touchdown.

He noted that he was not able to get the yards on his own and a particular group should be credited for what they accomplished.

“Though it was my best game statistically, I owe it all to my linemen,” Spencer said. “I know I could have done a few things better. But I’m just glad that we won.”

After a Krysa one-yard touchdown and a 21-yard field goal by the Bronchos, the score was 28-17 with Western in the lead.

Partridge was able to get involved with the scoring using his legs and arm. He connected with Josh Walker for a seven-yard touchdown pass, while also rushing for a one-yard touchdown.

Western’s special teams showed up big for the second consecutive week, with the highlight being a 79-yard punt return for a touchdown by Derek Libby.

Bronchos were also able to return a 60-yard punt return for a touchdown, with Marquez Clark being the returner.

After a string of rushing touchdowns from Partridge, and a couple of field goals from the Bronchos, Western was able to pull away with the victory 63-30.

Partridge had four rushing touchdowns, and five total, on the day. He noted that his team stayed with it and where able to walk away with an impressive win for the fifth straight week.

“We feel really good about it,” Partridge said. “Offensively, we are playing better every week. We are very talented. We like to stay balanced, so the more people that we can have touching the ball and the more people we can have to make plays, the better we become.”

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