Griffon Soccer aim to win against UCM

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Western continues to struggle on the field, and is aiming to break their losing streak against the Central Missouri Mules.

The Mules are coached by five-time MIAA coach of the year, Lewis Theobald, who is on his seventh year with the Mules.

UCM is currently 8-2-2, and will prove to be a tough challenge for the Griffons.

“I expect it to be a tough game, but if we come ready to play, we definitely have a chance to win and have a really good game,” mid-fielder Drew Mantlo said.

Mantlo has started and played most of the games this season, only missing a game and playing a total of 1099 minutes. She has 2 shots recorded this season.

“UCM has a good record this season. They will most likely be a very competitive team that will be a good challenge for us,” goalie Sarah Lyle said.

Lyle has started and played 13 out of the 15 games this season. She’s played a total of 1165 minutes. She also has 84 saves and faced 216 shots.

The Griffons have struggled to get moving this season, as injuries have kept the team from being consistent with wins.

“It is a frustrating thing to lose games, but it creates more character and builds integrity. We have had to push through so many close games that were mentally and physically draining but the positive part about it though is that our girls never give up,” Lyle said.

Katie Kempf, who was looking promising after coming off of an ACL tear, was once again injured after just three games.

Tara Russell, a transfer from Benedictine who controlled the offense, suffered a knee injury at the start of Sept. She is out for the season and has undergone surgery.

“Injuries definitely had an impact so far, but there isn’t anything we can do so we just have to deal with what we have and make the best of it. Injuries are always going to happen in sports, it’s just unfortunate that we had so many this year. It’s how you react to the injuries that matters and how you’re going to fix the problem,” Lyle said.

The team needs a confidence booster to help them win a few games. If they can come out and win against UCM, it would be just what they need. It would cause less frustration throughout the team, and could even help win the last two games of the season.

Western will play the UCM Mules on Thursday, Oct. 24, in Warrensburg, MO. at 7 p.m.

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