Fair-weather fans ruin sports

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I hate fair-weather fans. I use the term “fan” so loosely in that phrase.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The people who call themselves fans, but only cheer for the team when that team is doing well. They seem to bounce from one team to another, conveniently when that team is at its best.

I hate those people.

I am going to use the Chiefs as an example. It’s local and that team has been pretty on point so far this season.

I’m a born and raised Kansas City Chiefs fan. I’ve watched every game they have ever played as far back as I can remember. I still reminisce in the times of Tony Gonzales, Dante Hall and Larry Johnson, and when Marty Schottheimer had all but one winning season.

Growing up in the Chiefs kingdom wasn’t the greatest. The winning to losing season ratio in my 19 years of life is far from impressive, currently at 9-10 since 1994. So, I have been through some of the best and worst years this program has seen in quite some time.

Which is why I do not believe the Chiefs are that impressive this season.

I give this team every ounce of credit they deserve. A 5-0 start is awesome when it’s taken into consideration that it’s the best start this franchise has seen in a decade. But I have enough of a grasp on reality to see the holes that could be blown wide open before we can start any type of postseason talk.

I’m currently watching the Chiefs-Titans game as I write this. Quarterback Alex Smith certainly is one of the more impressive QBs we’ve had in a long while, but he is not anywhere near the best we have had. Sure, Jamaal Charles and Sean McGrath have made huge plays, but the offense is only impressive when Smith actually connects with a target or can get enough yardage on his own carries. Or when they manage to get close enough for an oh-so famous Ryan Succop field goal.

The defense is the main reason this team is winning, and since we obtained a decent QB, they have lost a bit of recognition. They are making the stops that the team needs in order to produce those points, including seven interceptions and 19 sacks. If the defense just let opposing teams run a muck, like they have so many times before, we wouldn’t be sitting anywhere near the Denver Broncos in the AFC West standings.

I was inspired to write this based off of how the Chiefs kingdom is reacting to the 4-0 start they had going into the past weekend. I have seen countless fans acting like we won the damn Superbowl. Isn’t claiming the Chiefs will “crush” every opponent they face a little cocky?

Remember guys, they went 2-14 last season. Four wins to start IS impressive, especially for this team. But this fan base went from being the infamous fans covering their faces with paper bags at every game to the ones claiming complete domination.

Who the hell do we think we are?

I hate to break it to those fans, but the Chiefs have a three-week span this season in which they play Peyton Manning and the Broncos twice. Those are two of the toughest games they will have to play in the whole season.

Nothing is scarier for a fan than watching your beloved RB slowly getting up after a rough looking tackle.

This is a team plagued by injuries. The Chiefs have a deep roster, for once, but if we keep plowing through these players, by the time we reach that rough three-week span, we might not be healthy enough to do much of anything.

Despite having to face one of the best QBs in the NFL twice in three weeks, the Chiefs schedule is one of the lighter ones.

Yeah, they handled Eli Manning with as much ease as teams have handled us when Matt Cassel was in charge. But this schedule is chock-full of teams that wouldn’t be a big victory or hard loss. A big season this year should not be as big of a deal to fans if they realized this team didn’t really play anyone.

But of course, what’s a Chiefs season without a blowout defeat by a team they should have easily handled? You fans can expect that to come along, as well.

Any “fan” that prepares to watch games every week with the “we suck too much to win,” or “we are totally gonna kick ass,” just need to go away. You’re ruining this fan base.

So, “fans,” sit down and shut up. No one wins the Superbowl in the first five weeks.

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