Campus Voice Oct. 3, 2013

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What is your favorite Shakespeare play???


Imbiri-CampusVoice_4Daniel Cole

I’m Familiar with several plays, but Romeo and Juliet are the one I know much detail about.









Imbiri-CampusVoice_3Donald Pierre

Hamlet,I liked it because a lot of people said that Lion King and Hamlet have a very similar story line and I love Lion King, so I found out very intriguing.









Imbiri-CampusVoice_2Nerissa Lee

The Merchant of Venice, I’ve read it on my senior year in school, but I’ve known about since I was born, because I named after the character Nerissa in the play.










Imbiri-CampusVoice_1Gabby Diederich

Romeo and Juliet is my favorite since middle school, I read it a little and I’ve watch the movie.










Imbiri-CampusVoiceKhalkha Muhammad

Romeo and Juliet, because I read the play like four times throughout high school, I had to write a paper, and watch both old and newer version with Leonardo Dicaprio, so I know a lot about it.

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