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Theatre department sets to cast for the Season of Laughs

The Missouri Western theatre department has decided that their newest season will be focused on providing their audiences with as many laughs as possible.

Last season’s “Year of the Tony” featured award winning plays like Private Lives and J.B.  Assistant professor of theatre and cinema, Tee Quillin, believes that this season will be much different from the last.

“Last season, for the most part, was a fairly dark season,” Quillin said regarding the major themes of shows like God of Carnage and Sweeney Todd.  “With this season we wanted to do something different.”

Four performances are planned for the 2013-2014 season, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of Shakespeare’s most recognized comedic plays, and Picasso at the Lapin Agile, which was written by actor and comedian Steve Martin.

Dallas Henry, assistant professor of theatre and cinema, believes that this year will definitely be one to remember.

“We’re doing some interesting new things especially with advertising which are very exciting as well,” Henry said.  “Tee and I are both going on our fourth year here at Missouri Western and we’re both incredibly excited for this new season.”

Henry is also excited about the new students who plan to take part in the upcoming performances.

“A good amount of performers who have been involved in the program for years will be graduating, so we’re always eager to see new students join in,” Henry said.

Quillin explains that there are many reasons why this season has a comedic focus, and why he believes that audiences will enjoy each performance.

“We want to show that great comedy can still be great art,” Quillin said.  “But the main reason that we chose these plays and musicals is for the audience and students to just have a lot of fun.”

Students like Thomas Delgado, who has been in Sweeney Todd and American Story, are excited to hopefully be a part of Quillin and Henry’s productions this year.

“I plan to audition for all of the performances this year,” Delgado said.  “I’m just really looking forward to a fun season!”

R.J. Jackson, a theatre and film major at Missouri Western, also believes that the 2013-2014 season will definitely be one to watch.

“This is going to be an absolutely incredible season,” Jackson said.  “I don’t think it’s anything like what Saint Joseph has been used to seeing.”

The first play of the season, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, will be performed from Thursday to Sunday nights from October 3rd through October 13th.

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