Student politicians need to stand up

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Dear Student government officials,

Grow a pair.

That’s the basis of what I have to say to you. I respect what you all do and I realize how stressful it can be to balance the duties of a student politician and classes. It’s tough. It’s rough. It’s also a responsibility that you accepted.

You accepted to make decisions that would benefit the students. That would help the students.

What in the blue hell are you doing?

This semester, a plethora of student program fees were applied to students accounts.

Oh hell, let’s just say it. We were given a behind-the-back tuition raise. Now these fees probably would of went through no matter what, but you all signed off on these fees in approval.

MWSU student governer Brian Shewell, current SGA president Katy Sisco, and former SGA president Jacob Scott. You are all the ones that I am referring to in this matter.

Don’t feed me the bullshit of “Oh, it helps the students and the departments they are in.”

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and not say that you fooled into the idea of these fees being helpful. I’m pretty sure you know they aren’t. These fees are paid by what classes you take, so you are paying for general education classes too. Trust me, you won’t ever see the effects of that money.

Here’s what I’m guessing happened. You get a scholarship from being in these positions that you are in, so you are constantly walking that thin line. You don’t want to get in bad with the administration because you live in fear that they could take away your scholarship.

You are playing the role of “yes-men.”

This is where that whole “grow a pair” comes into play. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for the students. Don’t sit there like a bitch and do whatever the administration thinks is best. They’re playing your ass.

I guess the term politician represents you well. You aren’t actually making decisions that you honestly hold deep within yourself, you are agreeing to plans that were made by people above you. You never take a risk. You stay within a safe zone.

I apologize if you hate these words I speak. I really do.

I am an advocator of honesty.

This probably isn’t you. It’s been going on ever since I’ve been here. You’re just the ones that happen to be in office.

So step up your game and change things.

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