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As the end of current Student Governor, Brian Shewell’s, term quickly approaches, the time is now to apply for the opening position.

“It’s unlike any other high position for student leaders here on campus as it’s appointed not necessarily elected,” he said. “The only other positions that are appointed are the directors for SGA.”

With a deadline for applications coming quickly on Oct. 18th, current Shewell explains that the process is not necessarily going to be a quick one.

“How this kind of works, is the process starts, actually, it started with the emails going out. So, we’re talking Sept. it starts and the next student governor won’t even take effect until March. It takes that long.”

Applications are available now, either online, or through Student Affairs. There are a couple different ways to turn in the application once completed Shewell explains.

“They can turn it in to Student Affairs, or they can slide it under my door,” he said.

In addition, they can also be turned in at either or

A student governor’s position is one that really focuses on being a voice for the student body.

Vice President for Student Affairs Shana Meyer explains:

“They are really a representative voice of the students on The Board of Governors,” she said. “So they serve as a liaison to student government and represent the student voice on a lot of different campus committees. They also have direct contact with administrations and so, again, can really represent the students to upper level administrators and bring information back to the students, as well.”

Special Assistant to the President, Ann Pearce, explains that, while any student with two years left at Western, including freshman, can apply, traditionally there is a “goldy-locks” grade level to apply at.

“Usually we try and get sophomores because they have a year behind them, they know what university life is like they understand the time needed for their classes,” she said.

While the position can be very stressful at times, it also has a lot of benefits. Shewell explains:

“It does look extremely well on a resume, but I think if I have to say one thing that I have gotten out of this is that, this is not like any position that any student has had to deal with,” he said. “There are things that I know that not necessarily every student gets to know. It has been stressful at times, but it has probably been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life.”

There are many levels that a student will have to make it through before being considered by the Governor in Jefferson City.

“Students who are interested fill out applications, then they go to a committee comprised of members of Dr. Vartabedian’s cabinet and myself,” Shewell said. “And then we schedule interviews with the applicants; after that, this year, it’s going to be a little bit different as we are sending our top three names to the SGA senate to be voted on; if the three names pass the senate, then they will go on to interview with Dr. Vartabedian; and then, from Dr. Vartabedian, they will interview with the director of boards and commissions for the state of Missouri in Jefferson City.”

Although many different things will be considered in the selection, there is one underlying factor that Shewell really wants to see from an applicant.

“The one thing that I’m looking for is that I want someone who is going to be able to speak for the students, who is going to be able to take charge and be the biggest advocate,” he said.

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