Sharp Dressed Griffon: Career Development wants students to dress for success

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By Adina Ogle, Photographer
Miki Wafai, senior, looks through the ties in the Dress for Success clothes closet.

Those mannequins outside the Career Development Center aren’t all dressed up for nothing. They are an example of professional clothing that students can get from the CDC.

This display is exactly what a student can achieve when they enter and choose an outfit for their next step, a career.

Chris Booher, administrative assistant, along with Kay-Lynne Taylor, the CDC director, is responsible.

“Western’s shared responsibility of guiding the student to professional success can be accessed here,” Taylor said.

Students can enter the center and go to one of two “closets” to shop for an outfit. The outfits are separated by gender. Well-organized and color-coordinated, a perspective employee can be attired to ace that interview, even down to dress socks or a belt. These converted offices carry professional clothing that have been donated from staff, alumni and the community. Some articles still carry the original tag, having never been worn; others are “gently used.”

Other offerings the CDC has are a literacy lounge, where students can peruse literature, preparing them for a career within their respective fields.

An interview room is also available. The staff can stage mock interviews in preparation for the real-life event. They also have the facility to host employers on our campus.

If you have not yet created your profile on CSO, it is not too late to do so. This valuable website can be your guide to locate perspective employers, or for employers to seek your services. This profile also allows for job matching.

Is your resume lacking? Then the CDC can provide it with an update.

“Helping you to spotlight and highlight your achievements,” Taylor said.

Important undertakings the center does each fall and spring, which brings employers on campus and showcases the talents and skills of the Western student body, are the Tech Jobs fair and Career Day on Oct. 29.

“The CDC is here to help students and alumni take advantage of what they offer for Western,” Booher said.

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