Phi Delta Theta hosts first Fall Concert


Students wanting to see a live concert at Missouri Western won’t have to wait until spring to do so.

Phi Delta Theta is hosting the first ever Fall Concert, here at Missouri Western. The concert will be held Sept. 3 in the Fulkerson Center at 8:30p.m.

Alex Atkinson, the Phi Delt special event coordinator, said a lack of events during the second week of school is what ultimately inspired the concert.

“We have the Spring Concert and it’s really big,” Atkinson said. “but during the fall, once you get done with that first week of school, all the freshman think that these things are going to keep happening but after Griffon Edge it dies out.”

The concert will feature the Chicago-based band Your Villain My Hero. Atkinson said that Your Villain My Hero will appeal to an audience with a variety of musical preferences.

The band’s set list includes everything from 2Pac to Ke$ha, and they were chosen for their high energy and crowd-pleasing song selections.

“It’s a variety of music. It’s not meant for just one type of crowd,” Atkinson. “We’re not just trying to hit on just the country people or not just on pop people or rap people. Like everyone that is there is going to have a good time.”

The event is cosponsored by Western Activity Council. WAC Vice-President Tony Dougherty said that he is excited to help bring a fall concert to Western.

“It’s a cosponsored event we will be doing with Phi Delta Theta,” Dougherty said. “We’re just cosponsoring so what we do is we try to help fund so that different organizations can put on these events. There’s a $250 cash give away and a dance off as well.”

Students who attend the concert will have the chance to win $250 simply by donating a pair of socks.

For every pair of socks brought to the concert, the student that donated the pair will receive a raffle ticket to win the cash prize. There’s no limit to the number of socks a student can donate.

All the socks will be taken to the Noyes Home here in St. Joseph.

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