New meaning to “Western Gold”


A new minor is going to be offered at Western’s Craig School of Business. It is attached to a program there that is causing a lot of excitement and opportunity for students.

The goal there is to have more than just a degree. President Robert Vartabedian explains.

“What they are trying to do in that entrepreneurship initiative is to have a minor in entrepreneurship and then also to have a center for entrepreneurship,” he said.

Not only will the school offer it’s degrees, but they also offer a lot of support after graduation for students who take on franchises.

If early results from their programs are any indication the minor combined with their programs look to be a huge success in the future.

“Not that money is the object of everybody’s life,” Dr. Vartabedian said. “But we have students right out of college making 250 thousand dollars in profit the first year. That is just unbelievable. That usually takes a life-time to get too that level. So if you are willing to work it can be very lucrative.”

Not only are they very successful but the opportunity for this new minor combined with those opportunities offered by the school’s partnerships with franchises is very unique to the school.

President of The Craig School of Business, Mike Lane, explains.

“Well there is nothing comparable to the Rocky Mountain part of the entrepreneurship part of the entrepreneurship,” he said. “That is unique in all of the world as far as I know.”

The opportunities don’t end there either. They are ever-looking to expand the program; and with the help of the new minor the chance for success is growing.

“Having opportunities with Rocky Mountain, and soon with American Family, and we hope with some additional partners in the future to get students right out the door and owning their own business,” Lane said. “That is one of the things that I think makes this opportunity so special.”

Interim President, Carol Roever, is still very involved with the programs at the Craig school. She served as president during the search for a new president there. She also believes that these opportunities are pretty special.

“I think the main point to stress is that there is no other entrepreneurship program in the US that we can find that puts new graduates into business like we do,” she said. “Plus, we have a support program for the new owners.”

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