Fall athletes succeed on the field and in the classroom

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It’s hard to remember that the people we cheer for on the court and on the field are also the same people we sit next to in class during the week.

Every semester, the best students are placed on the Honor Roll. Being an honor roll student is a big deal just in itself. But it is an even greater accomplishment when the student is also accomplishing big things in the athletic world.

Last fall, 33 fall athletes were selected for the President and Dean’s Honor Rolls. Student-athletes that are in-season spend 20 hours a week practicing, taking one day off per week to abide by NCAA rules. They also have to take a minimum of 12 credit hours to qualify as a student-athlete and full-time student.

Director of Athletics, Kurt McGuffin, said, “It’s always been hard to balance everything. They have to be a full-time student and a full-time athlete. Any sport nowadays is year round. When you incorporate study halls, it’s very difficult and is truly a time-management job.”

Wide receiver Andrew Molloy is a great example of someone with exceptional time-management skills. The redshirt senior is a triple-major in Accounting, Finance, and Management and has a 3.95 GPA. He had an on-campus job as a desk assistant and that is where he was able to do quite a lot of his homework.

“I think being a student-athlete helps you balance everything in your life. Being busy with football helps you with your time-management as far as getting homework done and setting aside time for practice and weights.”

Forward AJ Powers is a Biology-Health Science major with a 3.97 GPA. Her way of managing everything is doing homework and studying on the the bus during road trips. She even stays up late after practice to make sure everything is accomplished.

“Realistically, having study groups would make managing my homework load easier, and would be an opportunity to work together as a team outside of soccer,” Powers said in regards to getting work done.
McGuffin noted that athletes aren’t alone in their journey of being full-time students.
“We have an Academic Compliance group over in Athletics that helps and watches their classes and makes sure they are on track to graduate,” McGuffin said.
Despite the difficulty level, being a successful student and athlete is achievable.
“It is difficult, but it is possible. It takes work ethic and the ability to prioritize amongst various obligations, both school and academic,” Powers said.
Molloy agrees that, with the right characteristics, everything can be done and done well.
“If you have the drive and passion, everything is possible. If you set your mind to it and put the work in it isn’t bad at all,” Molloy said.

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