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Don’t fear the helping hand

College may be the “best years of your life,” but they are also the most difficult.

These are the years when you go through entirely new life experiences and start to learn about who you are as an individual.

These times can lead to excitement, confusion, but also depression.

There is nothing wrong this. It’s a natural reaction to what is going on in your life. It doesn’t mean you aren’t strong enough to survive the grind. It just means that you aren’t used to the circumstances.

If you do begin to doubt yourself, there is nothing abnormal about that either. All the greatest leaders and legends of this world doubted themselves at some point; they just used that doubt to persevere.

The Missouri Western counseling center is a service that this University provides that can help with all of these experiences.

A lot of people never even think to go to counseling and others are afraid of going.

There is no reason to be afraid of going in there. Counseling is just a service that gives you the opportunity to be able to talk to a person about your life without any possibility of judgment. Wouldn’t we all love that, at some point?

Of course, in all honesty, there is a difference between being stressed and dealing with depression. It’s a huge difference. Both are tough to deal with, but depression is something on a much higher level. It doesn’t have to do with the situation; it’s a part of you.

It’s hard enough for a person to come with grips with the fact that they have it, and it’s even harder for a person not suffering from it to understand what their friends are going through.

To those who may be dealing with depression, there is nothing wrong with admitting it. Depression is a genetic trait. It doesn’t have to be seen as a negative either. It’s just a part of your life that you deal with. It’s no different than having subpar sight or low hearing. It may make your life a little bit more difficult, but it is a part of who you are, as a person. It is possible to accept it and improve your life.

To those who know someone who may be dealing with it, be patient with them. When dealing with depression, someone may not always be rational. Their emotions can take over at very stressful moments and cause them to be overwhelmed. This doesn’t mean you should just ignore them. They aren’t looking for attention, but they aren’t wanting to be ignored either. They appreciate being supported.

Saying “everyone has stress. Deal with it,” is an awful thing to say. Yes, everyone does deal with stress, but some deal with it differently than others. Sometimes they cannot help it. Depression isn’t a choice; it’s a medical trait.

This all sounds super “after school special,” we know, but this is a subject that is worth harping on.

It’s important to know about anybody dealing with depression because there are a lot of stereotypes that run behind it that people know about, making them think that they know the facts.

While depression can lead to suicide, that isn’t necessarily always the case. Suicidal thoughts definitely exist and are strong emotions, but they don’t always result in suicide.

Suicide is obviously the worst-case-scenario, but one of the worst and more common traits of depression is seclusion. A lot of people who suffer from depression seclude themselves from the rest of society because they feel that they have no place in it and that nobody wants them in it.

It’s important to let them know that this is not the case. Do not throw them a pity party, but let them know that you are there if they ever need a friends or family.

Always be understanding of someone’s stress and anxiety and if you do find yourself struggling with these emotions, the Missouri Western Counseling Center is located in Eder 203.

Don’t be a stranger to them.

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