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Don’t burn ‘The Nest’

Every student this semester has to have noticed the construction going on outside of the Blum Student Union.

For those of you who don’t know, the venue being constructed is the “Griffons Nest” which is supposedly going to be a small venue that will be used for various concerts and other events put on by student organizations.

This can be a great addition to the MWSU campus and very beneficiary to students.

It can be.

I would really hate to see this project go to waste because of lack of ambition.

Every year we have the big spring concert put on by WAC, but we need to have more local bands playing and this Griffon’s Nest would be a perfect opportunity for the university to bring local bands to the campus, especially considering that there are many people on campus that would love to take part in the local music scene but cannot because they either do no have transportation or are not 21 and can’t go to the bar venues.

There are more than a handful of bands in St. Joe that are occupied by Western students, so I doubt it would be hard to sway them to play at the Griffon’s Nest. It would not only benefit the band by getting their name out there (and paying them for the gig, of course) but the university would benefit largely.

If organizations or the university itself wanted to, they could try to sell food, drinks or merchandise at these events and they could also make money off of the concerts.

Most importantly, though, this could be a massive social benefit for the university.

One of the issues that have kind of bugged  me about this university and campus is that a majority (not all) of the people on the campus tend to run in packs. What I mean by that is most students usually just hang out with people they work with on campus or are in the same academic department with.

The reason this happens, usually, is because there isn’t many fantastic social events in St. Joseph, let alone this campus, that call for reaching outside of yourself and making new friends.

This is the perfect type of thing this university could use to really push that aspect of the university life.

Oh, and here’s something. This could also raise enrollment. Several high school kids like to go to local concerts too, so if they hear about how often this happens, they might be intrigued by the aspect of the social experience at Western and want to enroll.

Could you actually imagine walking around campus on a Saturday and having something to do? That would be amazing.

This doesn’t need to just stop at concerts either. There are a number of events that not only WAC can help put on, but several departments at this university can put on to fund their departments.

Improv shows and poetry readings could be done and maybe even benefited towards the Theatre and English departments, respectively.

We could even bring in local stand-up comedians. There are several students on-campus who also work as comedians on the weekends.

This isn’t a rant like a lot of my opinions tend to be. This is more a prayer. A prayer that the university doesn’t take this project, which has much potential, and drive it into the ground. I really hope it isn’t forgotten about in five years.

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