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Campus Voice Sept. 16

Is there a faculty member who has made an impact on your life?


_DSC0093Brad Isom

Dr. Jeffrey Poet, Other than being friend with him, Poet has thought me a lot and showed me how interesting and fun Math can be.









Travis Hart

Dr. Grimes, she has taken me under her wing to help shapes me as a leader. I’ve been able to attend leadership meetings on campus and she has inspired me take a leadership and being humble.








_DSC0096Tom Malloy

Dr. Beverly Payne, She thought how important it was to know your goal and to know how to work hard to achieve my goal.










Tess Kram

Dr. Kay Siebler, she has open my eyes to other people believes and their views and realizing mine is not always the best or the right one.








_DSC0094Peter Forthmeyer

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Raheem, I was down because my grade last semester and he encourage me to work hard and get back up again.





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