Bass hopes to follow his brother’s footsteps; add to legacy

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Being the younger brother of a Pro football player can come with added attention and also pressure to be as good as or better than your older brother.

Freshman Darrian Bass said that he won’t shy away from the attention, nor be fazed by the pressure. He actually embraces it.

David Bass is the all-time leader in sacks in Missouri Western history and has earned a job in the NFL playing for the Chicago Bears.

Darrian will have big shoes to fill with his brother moving on to the next level. He said that he has seen minor changes since has brother went pro, and he stills calls for advice from his older brother about the ups and downs of the game.

“Being around this program, I am always going to be compared to my brother,” Darrian said. “ That’s not a bad thing because I look up to him and he is my role model.”

“Every day I call him after practice to ask about little things I could do,” Darrian said. “Yesterday before the UCM game I asked him for advice on some type of endurance workouts so I could use that to strengthen up and maintain a good body throughout the season.”

Some of the best advice Darrian said his brother offered him was to have fun. He said that when you are out there having fun the pressure does not get to you because you’re playing your game.

Standing 6’4 and a solid 195, Darrian will play Linebacker for the Griffons, a different position from his brother, but his teammates and coaches feel that he has the athletic ability to be even more dominant than David.

Running back Raphael Spencer has been in awe of Darrian’s potential since he arrived. Spencer said that he is built differently than David but his speed and agility is remarkable for someone so young.

“I feel like Darrian has a lot of potential,” Spencer said. “He’s a freak. He has speed, power and athleticism. Now it’s just about putting it all together. I’m more than sure that he will only add on to what is a great defense we have.”

Coach Partridge feels that Darrian may be a better athlete than his brother is. If you add that with his physical play, Darrian has the potential to be a game changer.

“He is a great athlete,” Coach Partridge said. “He is very aggressive and actually a more physical nature than his brother. Might be a more gifted athlete than his brother but he is not as long and big as David. He is going to be a really good football player. I’m really excited about him.”

Even though he plays a different position than David, Darrian feels that he still wants to follow his brother path so he can one day make it to the NFL as well.

“Truly, I’m trying to follow his footsteps,” Darrian said. “I’m the little brother but I am still going to be compared to him, we all know that. I definitely do want to make it to the next level and I will focus on his footsteps to see how I can make it there.”

Darrian knows that David left a legacy at Western and he made it known that he wants to bring only more success to the name his brother help build at Western.

He said that he hopes to one day play in the NFL with his brother, in hopes for a little payback from when they were kids.

“I want to keep his name going,” Bass said. “Our family’s last name. I truly don’t feel like I’m at the point where I can hold the weight that he put on the name. But I’m sure I will be there soon.”


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