Theatre Department Strikes Gold With New Hire

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Theatre & Cinema faculty (right) Tee Quillin and (center) Dallas Henry welcome new technical director (left) Jeff Stover.
Theatre & Cinema faculty (right) Tee Quillin and (center) Dallas Henry welcome new technical director (left) Jeff Stover.


As the new Technical Director of the Theatre & Cinema department, Jeff Stover brings two things to Missouri Western: leadership and professionalism.

Coming from the University of Texas-Dallas, where he was the head of the department of Theatre and Dance, Stover describes landing the position at MWSU as “lightning in a bottle.”

He has found everything at MWSU as a completely different experience than what he experienced at UT-Dallas.

“Coming from UT-Dallas, there was a lot of politics, a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of looking out for number one.“ said Stover, claiming that there were was a “small iron” of people who worked together and found themselves fighting the administration quite often.

Stover believes MWSU will be nothing like that. He has already received a large amount of helping hands within the MWSU faculty. “It’s a breath of fresh air” Stover said.

Stover has already begun his work on the following season of theatre shows.

“A Midsummer Nights Dream is going to be interesting.  I’ve seen the initial set and design for it. We have some interesting things that we should be doing,” said Stover.

Along with his duties as Technical Director, which is a possible tenure position, Stover is currently teaching Production Participation, Stagecraft, and eventually plans to teach a stage management course.

“Not to discount anything the stage managers have been doing, but helping with cue-calling, paperwork, and organization,” said Stover about what he plans to push in the future stage-managing course.

“The big thing is that I’m going to take the technical worries out of Dallas and Tee’s hands,” Stover said.

Assistant Professor of Theatre & Cinema, and Stover’s neighbor, Tee Quillin thought that it was very important that Stover understood the pressures of the position and that nothing phased him.

“He has a confidence about him…he is very proud about the things he has done,” Quillin said.

Quillin and Stover will work on The Drowsy Chaperone and Picasso at the Lapin Agile together this season.

They have met briefly about both shows, as Midsummer is the most immediate of tasks at hand, but Stover has experience with working on Picasso, as UT-Dallas performed it just this last school year.

Living next to each other will make it certainly easier to plan for both shows. “We have production meetings over the back of the fence,” Quillin said.

Stover hopes to bring an evident amount of professionalism to the department and it’s students. He hopes the students will follow.

“You are training to be a professional, therefore you should act like a professional,” Stover said, who believes that if the students treat the university setting as a professional one, their transition out of college will be seamless.

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