Nail in the coffin

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I have currently been alive for 9,226 days.

That is 25 years, 3 months, and 3 days.

Throughout this extensive amount of time, I have never once smoked, puffed, or inhaled any type cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Despite this, I have massive problem with this smoking ban here on-campus.

All across the United States, there are several public places that are putting a tobacco ban on their respective centers. That’s all fine and good, except the fact of the matter is we have people who live on this campus or at least spend over ten hours a day here.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about trying to influence smokers to quit. A mass majority of my best friends smoke and I really wish they wouldn’t. I’m aware of their dangers and do not think they are worth the risk.  Though, something this administration doesn’t understand about the human psyche is that you can’t ever force help onto another person. They won’t accept it.

Here’s a little fun fact. There is a state-wide smoking ban in the great state of Ohio. Guess what? People still smoke there! Shocking, right?

Smoking puts out harmful chemicals, yes it does. So do certain industrial factories. So why doesn’t the government just go and put bans on all those?

The fact is the only reason this university put this ban in order is so that it’ll make them look good. It makes it look like they give a damn. It makes them look like they really care about people and their health.

They don’t care about their students. They are just hoping that a smoking-ban will raise their enrollment. If they really cared about their students, this ban wouldn’t be campus-wide. They would of limited the smoking areas to very selective locations and it would NOT include e-cigarettes, which are not harmful in any way. In fact, e-cigarettes HELP people quit regular smoking-tobacco, but yet those are still outlawed.

Because that makes sense.

Here’s what I’m proposing. I want a strong communication line between ourselves and the heads of this university. This tobacco-ban is yet another chapter in a long line of miscommunication between the administration and the students.

I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I’m not the kind of fella’ who will stick my opinion just because it’s my own. I want a civilized conversation between both sides. No anger, no bias, just understanding. I don’t understand why e-cigarettes are banned and I don’t know what they repercussions are for using them. I don’t know where the border of the campus line is to where someone could smoke.

So we are straight on all of this: this isn’t about smoking. This is about having a solid connection to our administration. I’m not about to rebel. Rebellion creates nothing but misunderstandings and hatred. I just want to be on the same page.