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Behind-The-Back Fee Cripples Students

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College is expensive. That’s not exactly news. No matter what changes are made by the state and federal governments, college will always be expensive. That is just a fact that we all have to come to grips with.

There are a lot of fees that show up on our bills that we, as students, don’t like but we deal with it, because…well… we have no choice.

Quite frankly, the student body is sick of not having a choice. They are also sick on not being notified of these fees until they show up on our bills.

This semester, Missouri Western has billed the student body with program fees that are specified by department, all of varying amounts. The fees are small, but they are billed “per credit-hour” and they are applied to students enrolled in the courses under those departments, regardless of their major. The fees are billed to students who take any classes under those departments, so the money adds up.

This in an incredible issue for anybody who would be taking a semester or two to just work on their general education, because they would then have to pay several hundreds of dollars for departments that they will rarely get to even take advantage of.

We understand that the university has low funding from the state, that’s well documented. The issue is that the students are already paying a gargantuan amount of fees that will aid departments and give them resources that we will never see the side of.

If you just charge the people within the major or minor, this is entirely different argument, because they will experience the benefits of the funding.

So this begs the question of “why?” Why, with no press release or warning to the students, would this university—one known for its affordability— push such a unwarranted fee onto their students?

The state isn’t funding MWSU much and they just raised their tuition recently so they can’t raise it any more. Now what does any crooked businessman when they need the money and is willing to do anything possible to get it? He takes the money away from those who earned it and nickels and dimes his customers. Plain and simple, they beat them into the ground and reap all the benefits.

Thus ruining any trust that may have been there to begin with.

There are several people in this country who feel that they are entitled to something and they enjoy complaining about everything they are required to do. The administration must not mistake this for that. This is a behind-the-back action to the students of this university.

The students are not the only ones who see this as a hidden action, either. An anonymous faculty member brought up the programs fees and questioned, “Where did those come from? I think they just made those up this summer.”

When even the faculty members of the departments that it’s benefiting are questioning it, that’s sad.

In the long run, any university hopes that its graduates will find huge success in their fields and walk onto a podium one day and say, “I learned everything I know from Missouri Western, and I’m proud of it.” If these sneaky tactics continue, their speech will proceed as follows: “I learned everything I know from my professor’s, but the University didn’t do a damn thing.”

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