Sisco to be Inaugurated at SGA Awards Banquet

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The SGA Awards Banquet plans to honor various organizations across campus on April 19, 2013, and will inaugurate Katy Sisco and Dillon Williams into their respective roles as SGA president and vice president.

The awards banquet is set to honor those organizations who have contributed to Missouri Western and its surrounding community.

“The SGA awards can be seen as an organizational fair,” SGA Advisor Kathy Kelley said.  “Organizations and students will receive recognition for all that they’ve done for Missouri Western.”

There are many different awards that each organization can receive.  There are awards for the most active organization and the most spirited organization, which deal with student involvement in the community and on campus as well as an organization’s representation at Missouri Western’s sports programs.  There are even awards for the best fraternity and sorority, and a community service and department of the year award will also be given out at the banquet, Kelley said.

“This awards banquet is mainly a celebration of student life,” Jacob Scott, current SGA president, said.  “Awards will honor those organizations that have done community service or have participated in the many events that have been held here on campus.”

Though organizations will be honored throughout the banquet, individual awards will also be given to those students who exemplify the qualities that Missouri Western strives to represent.  The Dean of outstanding achievement award is given to one student from each class (freshman through senior) who is highly involved in their academics as well as in the community.

Not only will awards be given out at this year’s banquet, but both Katy Sisco and Dillon Williams will be officially inaugurated into their positions as both president and vice president respectively by Dr. Robert Vartebedian.  Sisco claims that she is eager to begin her role as the new president of SGA.

“I can’t wait to be inaugurated into my position as the SGA president for Missouri Western,” Sisco said.  “I’m very excited!”

The current and future senate members will attend the event to see the new President of SGA elected. The event will outline President-elect Katie Sisco’s agenda for next school year and what she hopes to accomplish. It will also be the final salute to the out going SGA President Jacob Scott.

Though it’s being held mainly for organizations, students are certainly welcome to attend, Scott said.  The banquet will be held on April 19, 2013 at 5:30p.m.

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