SGA unanimously passes Student Success Act reallocation plan

The Student Government Association unanimously passed the reallocation of Student Success Act funds. During the last senate meeting, April 15, SGA President Jacob Scott presented a finalized proposal to senators that will reallocate funds from the five areas originally outlined to 10 different areas. The areas outlined in the passed proposal are Baker Fitness Center ($180,000), Esry Health Center (90,000), Student Life ($45,000), International Student Services ($26,250), the Theater and Music Departments ($7,500 each), Blum Union ($262,500), Campus Parking ($108,750), Disability Services ($7,500) and Career Development ($750,000). While presenting the proposal to senators Scott said the passage of the reallocation would allow students to see changes and “improve the things we want to see improved on campus.” “I think this is a great step forward for student government and the student body,” Scott said. Both senators and students in the gallery questioned the proposal; however, senators chose to vote on the proposal rather than table it. “If you didn’t pass it tonight there would be no opportunity to pass it this year,” Scott said. Although senate passed the proposal for the fiscal year of 2014, SGA President-Elect Katy Sisco could choose to again reallocate the 2015 funds.

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